Pilot Study

In 2018, PSE&G and its contractor successfully completed the objectives of a pilot remediation study.

The focus of the study, which took place on 1.8 acres of the Site, was to mechanically and chemically stabilize impacted soils at depth to render the constituents immobile. This process is called In Situ Stabilization-Solidification (ISS), and involved mixing of soil in place, below ground, with stabilizing agents such as Portland cement and slag.  

An estimated 24,300 tons of impacted soil, primarily historical fill, was removed to a depth of approximately 7-13 feet below ground surface. Excavated soil was transported to facilities to be treated and beneficially reused. Below ground remnants of MGP structures, including timber piles, also were removed. When ISS was completed, the area was backfilled with clean fill and stone.

The ISS remedy complies with all NJDEP goals and objectives for addressing contamination and was selected because it is protective of human health and the environment and is the least disruptive to the area. 

Information from the pilot study was used to finalize the Site’s remedial action work plan for the current remediation of the remainder of the property.

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