Photo Gallery

ISS work was completed November 12, 2021.
Lifting the concrete silo for demobilization.
Preparing a horizontal silo for demobilization.
Paving near the Main Gate.
Taking borings to confirm hydraulic barrier wall meets specifications.

Recording the density of the rolled backfill.
Grading clean fill near Frank E. Rodgers Blvd.
Relocating a section of 36-inch pipe in preparation for offsite disposal to a licensed facility.
One-Pass Trencher beginning work on hydraulic barrier wall.
Loading truck with excavated material for off-site disposal.
Performing ISS by auger.
Removing wood piles from below 10 feet below ground surface.
Sizing concrete for offsite disposable criteria.
Clearing an area before beginning ISS work.
Breaking a decommissioned utility pipe before removal.
Using the auger drill rig to begin an ISS column.
Relocating the auger drill for an ISS column.
Training on the auger drill began with water before beginning of ISS to mix concrete and slag below surface.
Beginning excavation in pilot study area.
Using a concrete breaker attachment to demolish an abandoned underground utility pipe.
The drill rig will be used to mix Portland cement and other materials into soil as part of the ISS operations.
Demolishing concrete found within the pre-trench area near the gym building.
Using foam to suppress odors and vapors within the pre-trench area.
The truck scale confirms the weights of the disposal trucks prior to leaving the site.
Making connections for the waste water treatment plant.
Loading equipment into place for the waste water treatment plant.
Using a vacuum truck for pre-trenching operations.
The crane is used to erect the pieces of the drill rig that will perform ISS.
A drill rig is delivered to the site for treating soil through a process called In Situ Solidification and Stabilization (ISS) that involves mixing impacted soils in place, below ground, with stabilizing agents such as Portland cement and blast furnace slag. 
The excavators will be used to remove the top 10 feet of soil in areas for remediation as well as remnants in those areas of the former MGP plants infrastructure. 
Grading is taking place where ISS work has been completed.
Delivering clean fill to completed areas.
Compacting completed ISS areas.
Completing backfilling near an ISS area.
Applying Biosolve Pinkwater to the excavation area.
Performing quality assurance tests.
Mixing stabilizers into soil.
Collecting quality assurance and quality control data from areas where ISS was completed.
The cones maintain a safety zone around the ISS excavation area.
In Situ Stabilization-Solidification (ISS) being performed in the pilot study area.
ISS involves mixing of soil in place, below ground, with stabilizing agents such as Portland cement and slag.
Foaming to hold down potential odors.
Open air covered in foam for odor control.
Taking delivery of materials for batch plant.
Preparing water treatment equipment.
Trenching around site perimeter.