Aug 17

Weekly Update August 17, 2020

PSE&G Former Harrison MGP Site: Weekly Project Update – Week of 8/17/20

The PSE&G site remediation group and its environmental contractor, Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc., began conducting activities to remediate soils at the Harrison former MGP site. Work is being conducted in two phases. Phase 1, which began in July 2020 and is expected to end in July 2021, will focus on open areas outside of existing buildings and the active M&R station and infrastructure. Phase 2, from May 2021 through December 2022, will demolish and remove targeted buildings and complete the remaining remedial work. 

The installation of a central utility air bridge will change some traffic patterns at the Harrison site. The resulting traffic pattern is shown in the illustration below. Three stop signs (one in each direction), traffic cones and cone bars are installed to clearly indicate the traffic pattern. High visibility traffic cones and high visibility cone bars indicate the DGA roadway. This will be in place for approximately one year, through July 2021.  

The PSE&G project team is committed to: conducting work safely on the job site; minimizing impacts from the project to those outside of the project area; keeping PSE&G non-project personnel, the local community, elected officials, and all interested parties informed of our progress; and enhancing the property’s continued productive use. The team will follow the guidelines and directives issued by the New Jersey Department of Health, the CDC and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, as applicable, for maintaining a clean, safe and healthy work environment. PSE&G personnel and contractors are required to participate in social distancing and wear appropriate gloves and face coverings during all work activities.

All work is being performed in accordance with the guidance and regulations of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and under the oversight of the Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) of record. 

These updates will be issued weekly throughout the duration of the project to provide a review of key activities performed at the site over the past week as well as a look ahead to the next week’s anticipated activities. They are also posted to the project website:  www.HarrisonMGP.com

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please: visit our website at www.harrisonmgp.com; call the PSE&G Harrison Project Information Line at (855) 356-2383; or email us at comments@harrisonMGP.com.

Anticipated work for the Week of August 17 – August 21

  • Continue to mobilize equipment and personnel to the project site as needed.
  • Continue to conduct ground penetrating radar and soft dig around work area perimeter to locate underground utilities. 
  • Continue to establish protection around utilities. 
  • Continue preconstructions surveys.
  • Install additional soil and sediment erosion controls.  
  • Continue to install equipment used for dust suppression and odor control. 
  • Continue to install temporary fencing.
  • Remove abandoned utilities and begin pre-trenching along the Northwest corner. 
  • Complete Pre-Existing Conditions Assessments as part of Vibration / Settlement Monitoring Plan
  • Begin installing wastewater treatment plant pad.
  • Continue perimeter air monitoring. 
  • Site security to be maintained 24 hours/7 days a week. 

Work completed: August 10 – August 14

  • Continued mobilization of personnel and equipment to the project site
  • Conducted ground penetrating radar and began soft dig around work area perimeter to locate underground utilities. 
  • Continued to establish protection around utilities. 
  • Established additional soil and sediment erosion controls.  
  • Began installing temporary fencing. 
  • Installed air bridges and heavy equipment crossings. 
  • Began Pre-Existing Conditions Assessments as part of Vibration / Settlement Monitoring Plan.
  • Began construction of stockpile management area.
  • Continued to install equipment used for dust suppression and odor control. 
  • Continued air monitoring around the perimeter of the soft dig work area.  

Community Outreach 

  • Issued 2nd Weekly Update email. 
  • Project Fact Sheet posted on Town of Harrison website. 
  • Provided information to facility managers of Vermella, Steel Works, and Cobalt Lofts facilities, and Joia Restaurant.
  • A virtual Community Information Session is being planned and will take place in the coming weeks. This will be an opportunity to see and hear more about the project and to ask questions of the project team. More information on when and how to access this virtual event will be available soon. 

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