Jun 26

Update June 26, 2020

  1. In preparation for the start of the next phase of the Harrison Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation, currently anticipated to begin later this summer, representatives from the environmental consultant PS&S will be on site from Wednesday, July 1 through Friday, July 3 to receive and set up air monitoring equipment at the locations generally identified as green circles (not to scale) on the map below. Following the July 4th holiday,  air monitoring will be performed, starting Monday, July 6 and continuing through Friday, July 10.  The purpose is to document existing background air quality conditions.  The project perimeter air monitoring itself will not begin until remedial soil disturbance activities commence.
  1. Unrelated to the Harrison Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation, the remediation group also soon will be establishing a temporary area for staging approximately 20-26 drums on site, while the soils within are being characterized and waiting for disposal. An earthen berm will be built around the area approximately 12 ft x12 ft in size identified in blue (not to scale) on the map below, as a second containment system. Once all drums are disposed, the berms and staging area will be dismantled and the area restored to its previous condition.