Photo Gallery

Hand digging around abandoned underground pipe.

Performing ISS while applying mist to hold down odors.

Breaking up concrete and removing it to prepare for remediation in Phase 2.

When Phase 2 work begins, a line of parking spaces adjacent to the site will temporarily be closed for parking.

Grading is taking place where ISS work has been completed.

Construction trailers were moved to already completed areas of the site in anticipation of the start of Phase 2 work.

The construction trailers are on completed areas of Phase 1 while work continues to complete ISS work in Phase 1.

Mixing stabilizing agents at depth into soil.

A completed area of ISS mixing within the first phase of the project.

Delivering clean fill to completed areas.

Compacting completed ISS areas.

Completing backfilling near an ISS area.

Applying Biosolve Pinkwater to the excavation area.

Applying foam to cover open areas.


Removing soil and debris.

Performing quality assurance tests.

Mixing stabilizers into soil.

Mixing ISS at the correct depth.

Preparing to test ISS area for quality assurance.

Applying odor-reducing foam while mixing for ISS.

Collecting quality assurance and quality control data from areas where ISS was completed.

The cones maintain a safety zone around the ISS excavation area.

Collecting quality assurance and quality control samples of soil after ISS was completed.

Performing ISS with an excavator.

In Situ Stabilization-Solidification (ISS) being performed in the pilot study area.

ISS involves mixing of soil in place, below ground, with stabilizing agents such as Portland cement and slag.

Foaming to hold down potential odors.

Breaking up underground structures and foaming to hold down odors.

Open air covered in foam for odor control.

Breaking up concrete and underground structures in project area.

Excavating soil and debris for removal and disposal at an approved facility.

Taking delivery of materials for batch plant.

Preparing water treatment equipment.

Removing underground structures to prepare site.

Cutting and capping underground pipe.

Begin trenching around perimeter.

Trenching around site perimeter.

Begin trenching around site perimeter.

Mobilizing equipment and laying out site.