Nov 12

Weekly Update 11-5-18

Work to be performed: November 5-November 9, 2018

  • Continue to remove materials and transport them for proper disposal.
  • Continue to import clean backfill and restore areas where ISS work has been completed.
  • Begin decontamination of equipment and demobilization.
  • Begin preparation of batch plant for demobilization.
  • Continue vibration monitoring.
  • Conduct continuous air monitoring while soil disturbance activities are underway.
  • Maintain onsite security for after hours and weekends.
  • The offsite trailer for use by laboratory personnel will be prepared for demobilization.
  • Parking spaces immediately adjacent to the project site are closed off for the duration of the project.


Work performed: October 29-November 2, 2018

  • Completed excavation and ISS treatment of soils.
  • Continued to receive deliveries of materials.
  • Continued to remove materials for proper disposal.
  • Completed dewatering activities and the groundwater treatment system. The treated water was discharged to PVSC.
  • Completed efforts to mitigate odors naturally associated with MGP materials, including foaming, running a permanent odor-neutralizing perimeter drip system, use of BioSolve Pinkwater as an additional vapor suppression product and conducting daily odor assessment patrols.
  • Prepared and demobilized groundwater treatment system.
  • Completed water misting to reduce dust.
  • Continued vibration monitoring.
  • Conducted continuous air monitoring while soil disturbance activities were underway.

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